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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fall is Finally Here! (I hope)

It's been a long, hot summer--not much different from any other year here in Phoenix--but the 90-degree days were getting really old. Today is our first day with a high in the 70s! Another sign that it is finally fall are all the ripe pomegranates in our backyard. This year we definitely have a record crop. And the birds have all come back to the garden where I can watch them out the window--even an occasional cardinal!


Kristen said...

Cool favorite is the bottom one. Have you counted the seeds in a pomegranite? There are supposed to be around 600.

Dave and Amanda Orr said...

Thanks! Not yet, that sounds like a lot of counting! I would never have guessed there are that many. The weird thing is a lot of the seeds are clear instead of red, but still sweet.