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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another Phoenix Haboob

I've lost count of the extreme dust storms we've had this summer of 2011, but it seems like we're up to at least seven here in September. Amanda and I saw this haboob about 6:30pm as we drove toward Tempe, on our way to scout out Mill Avenue for an upcoming engagement session. This storm wasn't nearly as impressive as the July haboob, but it was still pretty amazing as it rolled over the Salt River and swallowed the sunset.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beads by Gail G. Finney

Here is some beautiful new work by glass artist Gail G. Finney of Corona Beads. Gail asked me to photograph her beads for submission to the upcoming Women in Glass issue of The Flow Magazine. What's amazing about Gail's work is the wide range of techniques she incorporates in her designs.

This brooch combines a lampworked glass bead and heart of felted dog hair.

This lampworked glass bead features a "painted" technique using enamel.

These ceramic beads are decorated with an underglaze pencil technique.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day Trip to Jerome, Arizona

Amanda and I took a quick day trip to the historic mining / ghost town of Jerome, Arizona. The town is part artists' community, with a mix of galleries, gift shops, biker bars, and bed and breakfasts--truly a great escape just under two hours from Phoenix.

This image is looking directly down Audrey Shaft (part of the Audrey Headframe Park), a sheer 1400-foot drop before reaching the groundwater table. The total depth of the shaft is 1900 feet, taller than the Empire State Building. There is a glass viewing plate that rests directly over this shaft, so you can stand above it if you so choose.
One of the many great shops to check out in Jerome is Nellie Bly's Kaleidoscopes. This store is the largest kaleidoscope store in the world (in terms of sheer number of kaleidoscopes) and features over 90 kaleidoscope artists. The owners encourage you to pick up all the kaleidoscopes and even take photos through them. 

We stopped in at Alice's Restaurant for lunch. Their apple pie is amazing--warm cinnamon apples served straight up (without all the gooey filling) in a flaky crust.

Amanda hamming it up in an antique car outside the Jerome Grand Hotel.
The Jerome Grand Hotel, once a hospital, is purportedly haunted, and offers ghost hunt tours for guests.

The view looking across Jerome and north toward the Verde Valley and Sedona.