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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Phoenix, AZ Haboob Saturday 7/21/12

Our buddy Erik called from his home in east Mesa to let us know a huge haboob was blowing in. I quickly scaled the roof of our house in central Mesa (not such a great idea if you haven't done it in a while!) and here are some of the views I got as the haboob rolled in from the east valley and moved west toward Phoenix. Let's hope it is followed by some serious monsoon rain!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mercediez and Andrew iPad Wedding Tablet

Instead of a CD of digital files, Mercediez and Andrew opted for one of our custom-designed iPad Wedding Tablets! The iPad comes fully loaded with the high-resolution digital files, which can be browsed via the built-in Photos app, making it easy to share images as a slideshow, order prints online, or upload to social media through WiFi. 

The iPad is fully photo-wrapped front and back, with a homescreen wallpaper that bleeds seamlessly into the photowrap skin. 

Another extra that we throw in as part of the iPad Wedding Tablet is an interactive digital album, visually designed in the same way as a traditional printed book, but with the benefit of interactive page turning and editing abilities. The couple can keep the digital album as is, or tweak as they like, changing page order and transitions, adding text, adding their own photos, etc. 

Of course, the biggest benefit of the iPad Wedding Tablet is getting a fully functional iPad (for those who don't already own one) for not a lot more than the cost of an iPad itself!